Welcome to the wedding gallery! When it comes to your wedding, I say do things your way. It's your day and your party, so do whatever the heck you like!

You'll hopefully notice that every photo below either features a smile or will make you smile. It's simple really... happy people = great photos.

I'm obsessed with colour. Colour gives me kicks. I love people in love, I love dancing, I love laughing and I love to see people just letting go and having fun. Hopefully the images on this page will give you a good idea of what to expect if you book me as your wedding photographer. You can see individual weddings on the blog

On the wedding day, I just sort of ninja around. We'll get to hang out during the 'getting ready' part and when we sneak off for your couples portraits once or twice. At some point I might be like "YOU GUYS, THE LIGHT IS AMAZING OVER HERE (OR) LET’S GO AND DO A NIGHT TIME SHOT, RUN AWAY WITH ME FOR 5 MINUTES!" but otherwise I just do my thing and let you guys do yours. I chat to your guests, make friends with your mum(s), unhook you if your veil gets caught on a tree, crack up at the best man speeches, I've even been known to pick up dog poops from the garden games area with the never ending supply of poop bags I seem to have in every bag or pocket I own. It ain't no thang! De nada! I want you to feel like you have another friend at the wedding rather than a weirdo photographer who lurks around all day making everything you do feel super awkward.

I shoot weddings in York, Leeds, Harrogate and throughout the rest of Yorkshire. If you look through these photos and the rest of my website and think I could be the Yorkshire wedding photographer for you, get in touch to check if I'm free on the date you're getting hitched!