I’ve never seen a wedding end with such a bang! I actually went to the same high school as Sarah in Preston. She was a few years above me but I was in the same year as her sister and bridesmaid, Fiona. Fiona was following me on Instagram and had seen that I was now a wedding photographer, so she passed my website on to Sarah and she and Martin booked me soon after. It was a great blast from the past when we met up, and my mum came along as she made their wedding cake after I recommended her to them! Check her out on Instagram @terribakes. I also found out that two of my old P.E. teachers were also going to be at the wedding as one of them was the mum of one of the bridesmaids. It was great to see them again after so many years!

A black and white image of a groom doing up his waistcoat
A groom and his best man getting ready

Sarah and Martin are THE most chill couple you could wish to meet. SO easy to get on with and such a pleasure to spend the day with. They got ready at The Lawrence apartments on Mickelgate in the centre of York, had the ceremony at All Saint’s Church in Bolton Percy, and the reception at The Normans. Hair & makeup was done by one of my fave teams, Jenn Edwards & Co and the flowers were by Tangled Up In Blooms.

A bride laughing and drinking champagne as she has her makeup done
A portrait of a bride having her hair done

Sarah looked absolutely INCREDIBLE. Her dress was dreamy. Both Sarah and Martin are Paralympians! Sarah played basketball in the 2012 London Olympics, has won gold at the Paralympic World Cup and won bronze at the European Championships in 2011. Martin is also a British Wheelchair Basketball star, most recently winning gold at the 2018 World Championships in Hamburg. Superstar couple!

A bridesmaid looking on as the bridal party have their makeup done
a lady laughing with a bridesmaid
Hands tying laces on some glittery children's wedding converse trainers
A bride's sister helping her to put on her wedding dress
A bride holding her little girl walking into the room for the first time in her wedding dress
A bridesmaid having her hair and makeup done
The father of the bride kissing his daughter after seeing her for the first time

I don’t seem to shoot many church weddings, but when I do they’re always super lovely. Nestled in the Yorkshire countryside, All Saints Church in Bolton Percy is a real beauty. The sun was shining and Autumn was really starting to kick in so there were plenty of gorgeous golden leaves all over the ground.

An image of All Saints Church in Bolton Percy near York
Bridesmaids helping the bride get out of the car
A bride walking towards the church arm in arm with her dad
A bride seeing the groom for the first time as she walks down the aisle
A bride and groom laughing together stood at the alter in York
A bridesmaid crying
A bride biting her lip as she looks at the groom while they say their vows
A wide shot of the bride and groom kneeling at the alter in All Saints Church Bolton Percy
A bride and groom laughing and touching noses after saying I do
A bride and groom starting to walk out of the church as guests look on
A guest and a bride with outstretched arms about to hug
A bride and groom holding hands standing outside the church
A bride and groom walking out of the church yard as guests throw confetti at them
A bride being silly sticking two fingers up at her friends through the back window of the wedding car

Everyone arrived at The Normans and tucked into drinks and loads of canapés by Friends 4 Dinner before heading inside for food and speeches. By this point, Sarah and Martin were about 75% sozzled, so the cutting of the cake was absolutely HILARIOUS as they basically just stabbed at it and scored a new pattern into the icing. This has to be one of my favourite cake photos of all time. In reality, nobody prints and frames a photo of the bride and groom cutting the cake, so when couples get silly with it (which a LOT of mine do) I absolutely love it!

Guests having drinks in the courtyard at The Normans near York
A guest offering a laughing bride a tissue after a drink sprayed all over her face
A bride holding wine and laughing with guests and her bridesmaid
A bride holding a glass of red wine in the air
A groom pulling a funny face during his speech
A bride holding her baby in the air as everyone cheers
A bride bring silly during speeches as the best man points at her
A wide shot of the reception room as everyone holds their glasses in the air
A very drunk bride and groom trying to cut the cake and pulling funny faces

The INCREDIBLE New York Brass Band came out for the first dance and really got the party going. I hadn’t worked with these guys before but I’d heard a lot about how awesome they were, and they are! The dance floor didn’t let up once… my favourite kind! Things got pretty messy and it made for brilliant photos! My absolute favourite is the picture of Sarah with her legs in the air (scroll down to see it!) I’m surprised I managed to take it considering how much I was laughing!

Without a doubt a great time was had by all, including us! Huge thanks to Chelsea Shoesmith for assisting/second shooting! I can’t wait to shoot here again in 2019.

A bride and groom jumping around during their first dance as the New York Brass Band plays behind them
The bride and groom singing and dancing with their friends
Bridesmaids singing on the dance floor
A shot from below of the bride singing and dancing with a wedding guest
The New York Brass Band playing at The Normans in York
Two wedding guests singing and drinking gin on the dance floor
A wedding guest dancing at pointing at the ceiling
Two wedding guests pulling faces at the camera
A groom dancing as his drink is suspended in mid air about to spill
A bride has fallen over on the dance floor with her feet in the air and someone is offering her a hand