PRIVACY & gdpr

Privacy policies.... BORING. But you didn't visit my website for a total snooze fest, so I'll try and make this painless.

Basically, I take your privacy VERY EFFING SERIOUSLY. It's our responsibility as photographers to handle your data responsibly. Here is my very serious commitment to your privacy:

I am committed to preserving the privacy of all visitors to my website at It is your right to be informed about the collection & use of your data. Please read the following privacy policy to understand how I use and protect the information that you provide to me.


Now you know I'm super serious! So... First things first, I ask you to give me certain details so I can identify you when you fill in my contact form. This includes your name, so I don't have to open my reply with "Oi you" and your email address so I can actually email you back because as powerful as I like to think my mind is, I haven't mastered telepathy. I also ask for your mobile number so I can text you to tell you that my reply is most likely sitting in your junk folder. Slow clap, 2019. My contact form is sent to me through Studio Ninja.

If you don't book me or I haven't heard back from you in 2 months, I will delete your names, email addresses & phone numbers from my email inbox/my Studio Ninja database. If we get along like peas and carrots and you book me, my booking form will ask you for some more info. Including your address, so I can post your USB box to you and so I can connect it to your contract. I'll also ask for names & phone numbers of bridesmaids & ushers and the venue/reception addresses.


All of this info will sit in my email inbox on my password protected laptop (my website and email account are hosted by Hover, a GDPR compliant company, and I will also add your names, phone numbers and address to my contacts within Shootproof (the company that hosts my galleries & contracts) and finally I'll add your names & number to Xero (my finance software programme, from which I generate your invoices). Shootproof is based in the USA and Xero is based in New Zealand, both outside of the European Economic Area (EEA), which means that the data I collect from you will be transferred and stored there. So by submitting your personal data, you agree to this transfer, storing and processing. Don't panic... even though they're not based in Europe, Both Shootproof and Xero take your privacy as damn seriously as I do and are both GDPR compliant companies. Xero also has an app, which I access from my phone if I need to. It's locked with touch ID, so unless someone steals my finger (I really hope that doesn't happen) then only I can access it. If I'm shooting your big day (or dog shoot or commercial job), I keep your contact information in my systems unless you ask me to remove it. But I wouldn't advise that until after the event or I might end up at the wrong wedding, which is frankly just awkward for everyone involved. Even after the wedding (or other shoot), the reason I will keep your information is to stay in touch in case you decide you want to order albums or if I'm running a discount on prints or something. Basically I'm not a total d-bag and for as long as I hold your info, I won't give it to anyone else and will only ever use it to contact you about wedding /whatever it was you booked me to shoot related crap. Unless we formed a real human friendship & we want to talk about what happened on Grey's last week.

I also send you a more detailed questionnaire about a wedding day before a wedding, which will only stay on my computer and as a PDF on my phone, which as I've already mentioned can only be accessed by my lock code or my very exclusive and rare fingerprint. After a wedding, I also might send you a questionnaire which I might edit into blog content, and now & then a wedding blog might want to feature your wedding. I would never send info or images to such a blog without asking you first (another great reason for me to keep your info on file!)

Whether you book me or not, I swear I won't sell your names & email address to fund my chocolate raisin addiction. And if you use my contact form to try and offer me a service or sell me something then don't you worry your head, because straight in the bin it goes! 


When it comes to collecting and processing the data you guys (the couple getting married or the client of another kind) give me, and with regards to taking your photograph, I work under the legal basis of consent. You'll have ticked a ticky box confirming you've read this page & saying you're happy for me to have your data for the purpose of enquiring about your photography and potentially booking me to be your photographer. It's necessary for me to have this information to do my job.

When it comes to the taking of photographs of anyone attending a wedding, I work under the legal basis of legitimate interests. It's necessary for me to take the photographs and process them or I wouldn't be able to do my job. The reason I work under this basis instead of consent, is because to individually inform every single guest at a wedding of my privacy policy would involve 'disproportionate effort'. That's GDPR speak which basically means that if I'm spending the entire wedding showing every single guest a copy of my privacy policy and asking for their consent to take their photograph, process it and use it on my website or social media, I wouldn't have time to take any photos, which would make me the worst wedding photographer EVER.


Again, at a wedding, I work under the basis of legitimate interests, and it's necessary for me to do so to be able to carry out the work the happy couple are paying me to do! If you attend a wedding, you can expect to have your photo taken. I'll never let a third party such as a wedding supplier or blog use your images without the consent of the couple, and I won't sell images to a third party such as a wedding supplier without consent from the couple, either. This goes for any other sort of shoot.

So I can run my little biz and continue to book wicked awesome couples and commercial/doggo clients, I need to promote myself and my work. I do this by showcasing images from weddings and other shoots on my website, on my blog, on social media and sometimes on advertising/promotional materials. I may also enter them into the odd competition. Those photos in those places are the reason you know I exist, the reason you know my style of shooting and the reason you wanted to get in touch with me in the first place. So I'd love to include shots from your day/shoot as well. I ask you to opt in to this when you sign your contract, but you do have the option to keep your images private which means it won't appear on my blog, website or social media at all. If you'd like to do this, just let me know.

In my experience so far at the super fun weddings I'm booked for, most guests & couples bloody LOVE it when they spy themselves in my Insta feed or feature on my website, but that said, any individual has the right to ask me to remove an image of them from my social media or website if they'd rather it wasn't up there. All they have to do is email me and I'll remove it right away.

I store all photos on encrypted hard drives. Seriously, you think your password's good? I'm genuinely well chuffed with the one I came up with. GOOD LUCK CRACKING THAT, ROBBERS. Your images are also delivered to you and kept in an online gallery (Shootproof mentioned above) and highlights in a slideshow. 


I use cookies on my website (in England we call them biscuits). Cookies are small data files which are used to monitor and optimise the site based on preferences and searches, as well as enabling me to recognise you when you return to the site. By changing your browser setting, you can prevent cookies from being stored on your website.


You can see the info I hold about you at any time you like, and you can ask me to update it to make sure I've got all your most recent info (which is good for me to have as it's always awkward when I send a USB to an old man named Derk because he lives at your old address and you didn't tell me you'd moved).


My website is secure (check out the snazzy s at the end of http in the address bar). I encrypt my hard drives. I password protect my computer. My house is fitted with a security alarm and we have anti-snap door locks. My phone doesn't work without my finger print or the numbers in my brain. I'm basically Chloe O'Brian. 

other websites

If you click a link on my website, go to another website and that website breaks your computer, that's definitely not my fault.


Any changes to my privacy policy in the future will be posted to the website and maybe over an email if I've got time to put my camera down.


Catch me on, PEACE!