A family at The Forbidden Corner in the Yorkshire Dales

Holly & Steven's pre-wedding shoot was more of a family day out! Holly, Steven & Ivy had fun looking around their (incredible) wedding venue ahead of the big day this summer, and I tagged along to take some photos. The Forbidden Corner is such a cool place. I didn't even know it existed until Holly enquired about her wedding photography. We were super lucky with the weather during the mini April heat wave, fingers crossed for another gorgeous day the next time we're there! 

We started off by checking out the lawns where Holly & Steven will have their ceremony.... errr... WHAT A VIEW! Not too shabby at all. There are definitely worse places to say your vows! 

An engaged couple sat on the lawns at The Forbidden Corner in Yorkshire

Then we went into The Forbidden Corner itself. Full of crazy sculptures, tunnels, towers, dungeons & all sorts of other things, it's a seriously fun place to spend the day. Although I must warn you... you will get wet! It's all fun & games until you and your camera get blasted by water shooting up from the ground with no warning 😂 Holly & Steven's faces were a picture. Ironically I couldn't take one because I was too busy drying my camera off! At least I know where the surprise water sprays are for next time! 

The entrance to The Forbidden Corner in Yorkshire

Ivy had a great time. It's brilliant for kids, she was entertained the entire way around and there's a little quest for the kids to do as they go along, a really clever idea to keep them engaged! Although a highlight was definitely watching Steven squeeze through the tiny door at the end of the disappearing corridor. Hilarious!


The walk around was pretty fast paced and there wasn't a lot of time for portraits of Holly & Steven, but we managed to squeeze a few in towards the end and I absolutely love them. They look so gorgeous & happy! We'll definitely be taking more on the wedding day and I can't wait to get creative with everything The Forbidden Corner has to offer. The aim of the game with a pre-wedding shoot is to show a couple how not-so-scary it is being in front of the camera. Hopefully it was a mission accomplished! 

A family at the forbidden corner in yorkshire
A family enjoying a day out at the forbidden corner in yorkshire
A couple kissing and cuddling on their yorkshire pre-wedding shoot
an engaged couple holding hands and laughing at the forbidden corner in yorkshire

If you're already booked in as one of my 2018 or 2019 couples and haven't had a pre-wedding shoot but fancy one, just give me a shout! They're £200 and a great way of putting you at ease for your wedding day portraits. Plus, we get to hang out. Bonus! 

If you'd like to enquire about your wedding photography, hit me up!