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Yorkshire wedding photographer
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That's me up there, the one without a beard. I'm 35 and I live just outside York, but I'm originally from Lancashire! I'm self taught. I started my photography biz at the end of 2014 and never looked back. I fell into weddings in 2016, they're ace. I'm also a book cover photographer, my images have been published on covers in over 10 countries around the world so far, woohoo! I'm dog mad, dogs are life. I love a chunky knit. I love my wellies. I ran a vintage clothing website called Love Miss Daisy with my awesome mum for 10 years. My uncle once won 15 to 1 (that's not about me, it's just a really hard quiz show innit?!) I lived in London for 8 years and Cornwall for 6 months but I'm very much a country girl. I love walking. I love tons of music, especially country/blues/roots & pop (not sorry). I'm a qualified massage therapist.  I used to work in TV and was lucky enough to work on channels and shows such as MTV, The Royal Variety Performance and Emmerdale. I love shooting bands & gigs. I love COLOUR! There's a Friends quote for every situation. I love Spring & Autumn. I love movies & TV. Grey's Anatomy & The Walking Dead rule. If you know the Pitch Perfect mash ups we'll probably be best friends. My boyfriend tells people I've "completed Netflix" (almost). I love thriller & crime novels. I love science. I shoot other things like events, food, lifestyle and doggos! 

Most importantly... I love my job and I solemnly swear to work my bum off on your wedding day.



Your wedding is essentially a party to celebrate how disgustingly in love you are. You want it to be chilled and a ton of fun. You're laid back. You laugh together... a lot. You want a photographer who feels like a mate rather than a stuffy supplier who'll make you feel awkward all day. You want a wedding photographer who can fit in like a guest & chat to your mums & drunk friends. You're not afraid of a little PDA. You don't want airbrushed, posed images. You wanna keep it real. You want your wedding day captured in moments. You want the story of your day told through the magic of photography. You're cool with the fact that if you pull a funny face, the wind won't change but I'll probably take a photo of it. You want your wedding photos to be a surprise, with lots of cracking up or welling up when you look through them.