jess & michael's scarborough engagement shoot

A couple standing in front of red and yellow beach huts in Scarborough, Yorkshire

When Jess & Michael's wedding enquiry landed in my inbox last year, I was beyond excited. It sounded awesome so I was totally thrilled when they booked me! As the wedding is going to be super duper colourful (yaaaaay) I thought a trip to Scarborough, hanging out at the beach huts, was an ace idea for their engagement shoot. AND they brought their gorgeous Dachshund, Stephen... he'd never been to the beach before and had an absolute blast! We struck gold with the Yorkshire weather, the sun was out for most of the day. I've only been to Scarborough once before, on a cold, grey February day when nobody was around. It's an entirely different place under blue skies... especially with hundreds of dogs dashing about! Dreamy! 

This was actually the first time I'd met Jess & Michael since they booked and we got on really well straight away. They were a little bit apprehensive about the shoot as they'd never had their photograph taken together professionally before, so I'm really glad that they were pleasantly surprised at how easy and chilled out the whole thing was. Now they know there's no need to worry about the wedding day... mission accomplished! 

A silhouette of a couple and their dog in Scarborough
A dog playing on Scarborough beach

We started off the way any normal people would... with a brew! I always want my couples to feel relaxed around me, especially if we haven't met before. Much better to hang out first than jump straight into a photoshoot with a stranger behind the camera! Then we went off for a wander on the beach, Stephen met a few new pals and had a whale of a time with all the new smells! The light was gorgeous so I made good use of all the old buildings and the colours around South Bay. Who doesn't love colourful beach huts?! 

I can't wait for the wedding... roll on July! 🎉

A couple hugging on the beach in Scarborough
A couple laughing by the colourful beach huts in Scarborough
A sausage dog on the beach in Scarborough
An engaged couple in Scarborough
A couple giving a piggy back on the beach in Scarborough
A couple on south bay beach in Scarborough, Yorkshire
An engaged couple and their dog walking along the sea front in Yorkshire
A couple kissing by the beach huts in Scarborough