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This is a bit of info for the wicked suppliers I've worked with at weddings... you know who you are! 

As you probably know, as the photographer I own the copyright to all of my images. All of my couples have a personal use license, which means they can share and print their images but they can't be used commercially, and you guys will be wanting to use them commercially to show off your ace work and build your business! You'll need my permission to do this, so here's the rub...

You can go for the free option, which is usually the best choice if you're just wanting to use them for social media or blogs. All I ask is that you provide a linked credit back to my website along with the image you're using and that you don't edit the images in any way including any cropping. These images will contain a small watermark. I'll also need to check with the couple that they're happy for you to use them. If you're cool with all of that, drop me a line and I will whizz over the images you'd like to use. The images will be jpegs and sized at 72ppi for web & screen.

Alternatively... you can buy them! This is ideal if you'd like to use the snaps in on your website, in print or for advertising when a credit might not be possible. The cost for this is £35 per image, with a discount if you buy 5 or more. Again, with permission from the bride & groom.

Credit for websites/blogs:

Hip to Heart Photography (www.hiptoheartphotography.com)

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@hiptoheartphoto | @hiptoheartphoto

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