Do you have public liability insurance & professional indemnity insurance? 

Of course! My kit & I are fully insured!

Can friends & family view my images?

Yes! You will have access to a password protected online gallery of your images.

Will you travel?

Surely flipping will. I'm based in Yorkshire (near York) but happy to chat about travelling to wherever your shindig is at.

Why are some images black and white and some in colour?

I like to include a mixture in the finished collection, it's all part of my style! Sometimes, a great picture in terrible light can be saved by converting to black and white. If there are any black and white images you'd like to see in colour, just let me know but it may not always be possible.

What happens if you're ill?!

Nobody panic! I am a member of several wedding photography emergency cover groups full of awesome wedding photographers who could stand in should the worst happen, and all of the editing would still be done by me (if possible). But thankfully that hasn't happened yet, and if I tell you I can't make it to your wedding, there would be a very VERY good reason. I'm no flake!


If I had a pound for every time a couple said this to me! Portraits are so much easier than you might think. I have one or two tricks up my sleeve to make sure of it! They’re a chance for you guys to have a little breather, to take in the fact that you just got MARRIED(!) and of course, they’re fun! It’s a good idea to set aside about 20 minutes during the after ceremony drinks for us to sneak off together, and I might want to grab you for another 10 minutes at sunset or after dark if something inspires me and I know it will make a brilliant picture for you to keep forever. Basically all you need to do is relax and trust me!


Yeah, man! Depending on availability! Just ask for more info. A second shooter is an extra £200. Awesome if you want morning coverage of you both, if you have a guest list bigger than 120, if you want an extra perspective on the ceremony or just even more cool shots of your day.

How long until we get our photos?

Weddings are delivered within 5 weeks!

Do you do group shots? 

I do but I try and get them done quite quickly so you can carry on with the day. But it's always nice for rents and grand-rents to have a group shot or two for the mantlepiece. We'll have a quick chat some time before the wedding about roughly how many you want to do but my advice is to try and keep them to a minimum and keep them simple. It's a great idea to have an usher or bridesmaid round everyone up.

How much is the BOOKING FEE and when is our balance due?

For weddings I take a a £350 non refundable booking fee along with the signed contract to secure your date. The final balance is due at least 28 days before the wedding.


I don't work from lists I'm afraid. As my style is informal, documentary/reportage photography, working from lists would mean I was too busy referring back to them and ticking off all the shots to take any of the unplanned moments going on around me. I ask you on your booking form to have a brief list of group shots but I advise keeping these to a minimum so to not take up too much of your time or make things complicated and long winded. If you're looking for specific shots to be taken throughout the day, I would recommend booking a photographer with a more formal approach.

Do you need anything to eat on the wedding day? 

Absolutely no pressure to provide me or a second shooter with food on the day. I always sit out of the way somewhere as I have a few things to do during my break, so there's no need to squeeze me into the seating plan or anything! Food = fully charged wedding photographer = no wobbly legs = good photos, but I'm more than happy to bring my own. 

How many photos will we get?

I don't set a limit on how many images you'll get, I just send you all the best ones! As a guideline, for full day weddings you'll usually get at least 450 fully edited images (at least 250 for a half day package). There will be a mixture of colour & black and white images. 

Can we print from our USB & share the images on social media? 

Yeah! I just ask that you don't make any copies of the USB, don't edit/add filters on social media (this goes for any images I deliver) as it changes the look & style of my work, and don't use the images for commercial purposes (you can't sell 'em! Or tell other suppliers they can use them without my permission). Information for suppliers can be found right HERE

Will you provide RAWs?

Nope, sorry. All the images you'll receive will be fully edited jpegs. 

What kit do you use? 

I use two Canon 5D mark iv cameras, Canon prime lenses and flash equipment if/when needed! 

Do you keep our RAW files & finished images forever?

I keep the selected RAW files for 6 months after I've delivered the wedding. I keep the final jpegs indefinitely, but I highly recommend you download the images from your USB stick ASAP and back them up both online and on external hard drives so you know they're super safe!