an engaged couple smiling under a tree

Chloe & Adam's pre wedding shoot was also our first meeting! And now I'm looking forward to their wedding even more. Such a lovely, easy going couple. They actually live over in Lancashire near Oldham, but are getting hitched over this way. In fact they're getting married at a venue so close to me that I could roll out of bed and be there in 3 minutes! They're planning a relaxed barn wedding in the Yorkshire countryside and I've no doubt it's going to be ace. 

We just caught the tail end of the UK heatwave! And then as we were sat in the reading cafe, clouds of doom descended. It was crazy... the whole place went dark and the winds picked up. Creepy! Speaking of the reading cafe, I've never really been in there before, just stuck my head in for a look around. So cute! Shelves of books surround the tables and I recognised a lot of my fellow book cover photographer's covers. I didn't spot one of mine, but I'll be back to check! 

A couple on a pre-wedding shoot in york

Chloe & Adam also brought along their absolutely beautiful rescue dog, Tyson! And if there's a dog involved, I'm happy! (Because y'know... dogs = life!) He's a Staffie Jack Russell cross and such a sweetheart. The reading cafe has a dog friendly balcony, which is one of the reasons I suggested it for our shoot. 

They said that in the car they'd been talking about how they weren't sure what they were supposed to do in front of the camera, but by the end they'd experienced how easy it is! On your wedding day, your couple portraits are the only part of the day where I'll give you any direction. So a pre-wedding shoot can eliminate any apprehension a couple might have about having portraits taken. The best thing you can do is relax! Just enjoy being with each other and have fun and you'll end up with photos you'll want to treasure forever.

Can't wait to see these guys again in the summer as they say 'I do!'

An engaged couple and their dog on an engagement shoot in rowntree park in york
A dog eating a treat and standing on the grass in rowntree park york
an engaged couple laughing in the reading cafe in rowntree park york