Guess what... I love fun weddings! I know, shocker.  

Most of the weddings I've shot so far have involved a fair bit of DIY. My couples aren't hung up on expensive decor or spending a fortune on their wedding. We're totally on the same page when it comes to loving a cool & unique style without breaking the bank, whatever that style might be! 

I thought it might be fun (& hopefully helpful to anyone who stumbles on it!) to throw together a few ideas that not only save you some money but also make your wedding photographs look ace. And you won't be spending the day worrying about whether the mega expensive decorations are being knocked over or damaged... you'll be too busy enjoying the flipping party! 


Image via Offbeat Bride , by Alex & Cammy Photography

Image via Offbeat Bride, by Alex & Cammy Photography

WOOLLY POM POMS ON STICKS. What a cool idea for an aisle marker at an outdoor wedding! And everyone knows how to knock up a sodding pom pom, we were making that shit in primary school for crying out loud... you could sit and make these with your eyes closed! Don't, though. Because you probably need scissors and because you're gonna need to watch some Netflix while you do it.


Image from Bespoke Bride

Image from Bespoke Bride

A great place for fun & colourful DIY wedding ideas is Bespoke Bride. I saw this cool idea on their Instagram page and had to repost it! 

Everything you need along with how to make them can be found right here!


Image by Allison Williams Photography

Image by Allison Williams Photography

Oh my god this is brilliant. Definitely not for everyone, but I've never seen anyone do this before now! These have been used to direct guests to their tables but if you're not having a sit down meal, or you're not fussed about where people sit, just add thanks for coming tags instead! Everyone loves Pez! 


colourful confetti canon wedding dancefloor

When it comes to confetti at weddings, the more colourful the better. Here's another one you can do in front of the TV... just buy a bunch of biodegradable rainbow coloured tissue sheets, and either chop them up into chunky square/rectangular bits with scissors, or punch them into stars, hearts or circles using one of these bad boys. Hell, you can punch them into any shape you want. AND THE MORE THE BETTER!

However there's a rather high chance that you're reading this thinking 'I absolutely cannot be arsed to do that, Laura.' In which case you can buy it ready made right here


First, third and fourth images via Pinterest, second image via Bespoke Bride. 

First, third and fourth images via Pinterest, second image via Bespoke Bride. 

This is always a fun thing for guests to play around with in between the ceremony and the time you sit down to eat. Everyone loves a selfie (except me) and as pretty much everyone has a unique Insta hashtag for their wedding these days, your guests will love having a cool backdrop to use. If you love the novelty angle, throw in some props, masks or even a glitter bar.

Colourful ribbons, metallic strips, paper chains or tissue paper pom poms are all super simple and easy backdrops to make. And they look rad. They can also go inside or outside, depending on the marvellous British weather! 

Give this Bespoke Bride geometric tissue paper backdrop a try!

Homemade wedding bouquets


Just how crazy you go on your wedding bouquet is totally up to you... as is anything else you do at your wedding! (We ain't no slaves to tradition up in here...)

Not surprisingly, I'm partial to a rather colourful bunch of blooms. Whether it be super fancy and put together by an awesome florist (check out my Instagram for some Yorkshire florist inspo) or like my 2017 bride Louise, a beautiful homemade bunch. Louise bought her flowers (above) from Tesco, and her bridesmaid Laura arranged 2 bunches, one for each of them. Simples! And the colours just pop. So if you're having a small wedding, this could be the way to go.

So. Fetch.