The Wedding Photography Bucket List, y'all!

There are so many awesome places to get married, and so many awesome ways to do it. Soooooo I've come up with a list of awesomeness. A list that includes a whole bunch of weird & wonderful weddings I'd love to shoot. If you're planning one of these and fancy booking me, there's an exclusive discount in it for you as a thank you for helping me tick one off the list! 

★ A wedding with two or more dogs involved. The more dogs the better. Dogs dogs dogs. 

★ The wedding of two big country music fans!

★ A zombie themed wedding or a horror themed wedding

★ A wedding on a working farm

★ A colourful forest wedding

★ A Disney wedding

★ A Halloween wedding

★ A fiesta wedding

★ An 80s themed wedding

★ A fancy dress wedding - themed or anything goes!

★ A 70+ couple

★ A wedding with fairground rides

★ A festival wedding