A doggy mini shoot with kayti, frank & ozzy

I'm absolutely loving my dog photography in the Yorkshire woodlands! I mean, are there many better ways to spend a morning than messing around in a forest with doggos!? I think not! Especially when the sun is out and the light is beautiful! Kayti brought her long haired Daschund, Frank and her Whippet, Ozzy down to meet me in the woods for some pet photography! The boys had an ace time and they were wearing the coolest doggy scarves from Accessorize! Isn't this first image the perfect holiday card?! That's the beauty of these shoots, you can do so much with the images... just keep it simple with a print and frame, or you'll have enough images to make a calendar... maybe put your pooch's mush on a mug, or a canvas... you can have anything printed these days! If you're stuck for ideas, check out Photobox, they're always a good place to start for prints!

A woman sitting on a log in the woods and smiling with her two dogs
A whippet and a long haired daschund playing in a yorkshire woodland

Not surprisingly, dogs are one of the most challenging things to shoot as they're always on the go! They move so quickly and more often than not, I'll have the owner encourage the dog to run up and down the same path or area of the woods a few times over. I spend most of my time lying on the floor at dog level, and it's always an excellent idea to have a lot of treats in your pockets... especially if your doggo is anything like mine, and won't do as he's told unless there's food involved! 

A woman jumping over a log in the woods with her two dogs
portraits of a black whippet wearing a festive scarf in the woods
portraits of a long haired daschund wearing a festive scarf
portraits of a long haired daschund and a whippet with their owner in the woods
portraits of a long haired daschund standing on its back legs and running down a path
portraits of a long haired daschund and black whippet in the yorkshire woods

If you're based in York, or on the east side of York, or even if you're further afield and like what you see... here's the basic info. Just drop me an email to laura@hiptoheartphotography.com or contact me through my website here!  

Shoot at a woodland location just outside of York

1 hour | £95

At least 15 fully edited high res images